Story #6 Women + Tech is Possible
Story #6 with Dmitriy Laptev (RU version)
As you know that I am running a social project called «Women + Tech is Possible: the art of self-branding» The philosophy is to empower women in initiating some crazy ideas and make them real mostly in Innovative Technologies. By showing life-stories of different kinds of young women, I ll impact the massive generation of female tech leaders. Our Logo is «I am not ideal, but I am unique»

Did you know that female-led technology businesses achieve, on average, a 35% higher return on investment than those run by men? Despite receiving 50% less venture capital funding, findings reveal that women leaders in tech are bringing in 20% more revenue than their male counterparts. Taking into this fact, I am convinced that there should be the right and healthy competition among two gender poles. It is not "a zero-sum game. It is not a win-lose. It is a win-win for everyone. Today I invited Dmitriy for our small talk and wanna know more about his professional life. Actually, Dmitriy -33 y.o, he has worked more than 10 years in corporate banking and for the last four years. He has been leading 3 different start-up projects. One of his projects is related to the food industry ВКУС LAB and there was a boom during the pandemic. Dmitriy is also one of the co-founders of two fintech and crypto-related projects, XZEN and digital banking platform for millennials.

We need ambitious and talented people like Dmitriy in our fastly-growing ecosystem. But also one of the main aspects that should be built is a win-win collaboration between genders. One man can leave the history, two men can unleash the battle, men and women can make a colossal difference. Let's not forget «plus» and «minus» always react positively like two gender poles. Important is to set the right priorities and take the right direction.
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