Story # 5 Women + Tech is Possible
Story #5 with Yulya Vorontsova (RU version)
As you know that I am running a social project called «Women in Technology: the art of self-branding» The philosophy is to empower women in initiating some crazy ideas and make them real mostly in Innovative Technologies. By showing life-stories of different kinds of young women, I ll impact the massive generation of female tech leaders.

Our Logo is «I am not ideal, but I am unique» Literature examining the impact of women in the workplace — specifically women collaborating on teams and in leadership roles — demonstrates the need for and impact of having more women in technology. Greater gender diversity in technology can impact businesses' bottom lines, as research from Morgan Stanley indicated.

This is the 5th story with Yulya Vorontsova and we had a funny and lively chat (max 30 mins). 27 y.o - crazy & super-crazy & demanding UX/Designer/CMO. Yulya was born in Voronezh (RF). She has begun her career from photography, and simply moving to the field of design and marketing in the technology. Based on her real story, Yulya overcame a myriad of difficulties and hindrances …. Yet she is self-made high-demanding UX professional and CMO. She managed to work at such companies like Microsoft, Dominos Pizza and currently operating at KARMA Investments.

At the same moment, Yulya's recommendations at Yandex as an independent UX consultant plays a tremendous role in one of the projects that will be released very soon. When I questioned Yulya about her philosophy of living? - She just said to take microscopic risks and set challenges and accomplish them.

Currently, Yulya lives between two cities: London and Moscow. Hobby: Paragliding and sewing the Dolls :)

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