Story # 4 Women + Tech is Possible
As you know that I am running a social project called «Women in Technology: the art of self-branding»
The philosophy is to empower women in initiating some crazy ideas and make them real mostly in Innovative Technologies. By showing life-stories of different kinds of young women, I 'll impact more and more youngsters around. Our Logo is «I am not ideal, but I am unique» "We want to hire female engineers, but we just can't find them."

This is a tiring comment that we so often hear uttered by CEOs who cannot seem to attract any women into technical roles. Why is it that companies have such a difficult time finding female engineers? Scores of studies have analyzed the possible reasons:
* Unconscious bias in the hiring process
* Lack of diversity in the core team
* The hypothesis that women are more risk-averse when it comes to new technologies
* The well-documented gender gap in tech and subsequent pipeline problem

While all of these are problems plaguing the immediate workforce, the more insidious problems begin at an earlier age. From a young age, society teaches girls to focus on perfecting rather than building, abiding by rules rather than breaking them - a trend that has naturally pushed girls away from participating in technology and entrepreneurship. Luckily, we are seeing a growing population of parents who are recognizing the necessity of raising tech-savvy daughters.

This is the 4th story with Tatiana Myasnikova and I had a chance to have some 30 min small talk (max). 29 y.o - ambitious & tech-savvy ????♀️ Tatiana Myasnikova graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts in Moscow & Universtà Degli Studi dell'Insubria in Italy. She began her career from an entry-level position as an assistant at the Russian Association for Electronic Communications in Moscow. Tatiana has quickly upgraded into the level of Marketing Manager in the field of Innovative Technologies. Within the 2-year period, she learned a lot and had become a valuable asset for the company. With the pace of the events, Tatiana was invited to the Design department of Yandex as a producer of web-projects. In one word, she is amazing at developing products by identifying potential products; conducting market research; generating product requirements; determining specifications, production timetables, pricing, and time-integrated plans for product introduction; developing marketing strategies.

Currently, Tatiana lives between two cities: Varese and Moscow.

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