Story #2 Women+Tech is Possible
There is a Chinese proverb that says «Women may hold up half of the sky».
Time has come for women to be actively involved in the world of Tech. No need to choose the job positions that require to spend 7-8 hrs per day … We are exempt from such obligations … We can easily create our self-brand and master the existing skills and become one of the high-demanding top notch tech professionals …. In one of the reports, "Women Matters" McKinsey & Company indicate that Women continue to make up less than 40% of the global labor force and only 25% of management positions globally — while at the same time being responsible for 75% of unpaid care work. Research by PwC revealed that having a Woman in your team lead to increases of your success rate. Their research analyzed 450K crowdfunding campaigns and found that campaigns led by women were 32% more successful than those led by men across a wide range of sectors, geography and cultures. According to research from the Kauffman Foundation, Women-led technology companies deliver a 35% higher return on investment than Men. As you know that I am running a social project called «Women in Technology: the art of self-branding»

The philosophy is to empower women in initiating some crazy ideas and make them real mostly in Innovative Technologies. By showing life-stories of different kinds of young women, I ll impact more and more youngsters around.

Our Logo is «I am not ideal, but I am unique» This is the 2nd story with Kamola Akilova and I had an opportunity to have some 20 min small talk. Video coming soon ...
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