Story #1 Women + Tech is Possible
Tech has always been a predominantly male industry, but we can change the situation by creating a healthy & competitive environment between both genders
Tech has always been a predominantly male industry, with iconic male entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg gaining the most recognition for their contributions to the sector. However, women are playing a huge part too and more and more women are entering both regular and high-level positions in tech, with the big global firms such as Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. hiring women 238% faster than men.

Today I've shed a light on an interesting story with Durdona Bahranova. She is 23, young and super motivated by what she is doing in Tech, - mostly in mechatronic engineering. Durdona is a challenging and high-promising young leader in her own way. Living in Uzbekistan and being in tech is not easy in our times. But her passionate heart and forward-thinking approach leading Durdona to continuous success. I'll be happy for your comments and valuable feedback. Always remember we are not ideal yet we have always a big chance to excel.

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