February, 2020
Germany, Berlin
My short trip experience in Berlin, Germany. One of the memorable things I got acquainted with top-notch founders of N26.
You cant simply be on Forbes list without dreaming big and "traveling" and "meeting new people"
Most of my surroundings ask me how I can easily meet new people and establish a kind of win-win friendship or collaboration. I am aware of the fact that any kind of friendship starts from something unconditional and genuinely true. You should build all kinds of relationships by not expecting something in advance. When you put too many expectations on people whom you have hardly known, your sincerity and self-being "ness" disappears, you will never attain the highest level of self-development.

I had an amazing opportunity to visit Great, Great Germany, Berlin. There were two limited days but I was quite delighted by the people and super historical architecture dating back to the 13th century. How my two-day trip went on, let me try to leave some comments:

Day 1

Finally, I met with Maximilian Tayenthal, one of the co-founders and CFOs of N26. We together headed to the main office at Klosterstraße 62. I was elated by the hugeness of the team and the office itself. Every piece and detail is made with love and passion. I am not saying that office is a superb luxurious one. But I am talking about that everything is made for the people. By being in such an atmosphere I have put an aim to think bigger, crazier, and wilder. I do appreciate the European mindset if they make a project or launch any kind of start-up. They primarily work out an issue on how they can create a better and comfortable environment for their team. If their team is happy, they will show better results and positive vibes. Such an approach leads to success and sustainability.

I was at the office the whole day contemplating over my business aspect and made up huge plans and checklist for my future.

Here I got it. One day I ll become the hero of my big and vibrant team and my Big dreams will never scare me.

We had a nice dinner with Max and we also discussed his passionate involvement in technical music editing. Currently, he is working on his own sets. I tested the brand new techno set at his Studio, it was mind blasting sound and piece of art.

Day 2

I love wandering along with unknown places on my own. Sometimes I chase after the silence amidst the crowd. Have you ever tried to catch the «silence» in the crowd? You are passing by the Brandenburg Gate, thousands of people rushing beside you, someone is pushing or maybe smiling at you. But imagine you were standing in one of the historical places ever, in Berlin, who knew maybe long ago loving hearts were escaping from soldiers during the wartime, with the thoughts that this might be the last dating ever. He would never see her loving eyes again and she never felt his strong arms on her. This was the end, could you imagine? Did you catch the «silence»?

Silence could be felt as if you were experiencing strong feelings towards someone or some situation.
Traveling for me is not taking massive pictures in front of each monument or building. This is something beyond my imagination. Exploring new places broadens my horizons and transforms me into a more mature individual. Its the collapse of cultures, historical moments, and perceptions. With every new country, I find myself again and look at myself from a different perspective.

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