Nodira Sadikova

Chief Business Development Officer

Global Business Development | InnoTech & FinTech | Entrepreneurship | Loving MoM | Muslimah
Helped over 10+ Tech & Fin-tech startups to raise 25 million USD, in less than 4 years advised 5 Startups within CIS, CE regions.
I help Innovative Tech projects that are having a challenge of getting their voices heard, communicate their philosophy, localize their strategies, help with finding the right person to get things right.

Currently I joined infrastructure based project with great enthusiasm and love. I am mostly based in Europe, and ready for new challenges.

"One of the greatest tragedies is to miss out on the perfect opportunity to launch a great idea."
These are the projects that I have successfully accomplished and some of them are still ongoing. If you are interested in establishing a win-win synergy, please feel free to write me.
What I do?
Business Development
Broad and comprehensive knowledge of all matters related to the business of the organization: identifying new sales prospects and driving business growth and requirements for product development
Well-established inbound and outbound marketing strategy. The goal is to expand the reach or tap into a different segment or unexplored market
Financing & Funding
Professional Implementation and application of all kind of financing methods, alternatives and traditional
Product & Project Management
Proven knowledge and expertise in the development of products & overseeing the execution of those development plans
Sales Strategy Design
Creation of thorough-planned buyer persona, lead generation, revenue target, marketing strategy, action plan, and budget
Business Networking
An essential part of an international network comprising many investment banks and some of the most respected independent corporate finance and legal advisors
How it works
Digital Finance, FinTech, E-Commerce, Social Media & Digital Marketing, Internet Software & Services, AI & Big Data, E-Payments

It is simple, just reach out to me and describe the challenge, startup, or problem that you are looking to solve, improve, scale and so on. We can jump on a call to discuss further, dig deeper, and explore what can be done and what can be avoided. Our first conversation on the phone or via Zoom is free (usually 30 minutes or so), based on the chemistry, industry, scope of the project we could take it further
I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. I also love traveling, blogging, inspiring, exploring new horizons, expanding my world view.

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Art of self-branding: women + tech is Possible
Diversity makes difference: it is crucial that we feel empowered to think creatively
Actually we, women can have it all if rightly set our priorities. Every woman at the very beginning of their career or family ladder, they face tremendous obstacles and difficulties in expressing their thoughts or opinions. In each of our steps, we hear lots of «should» and «should not». We should always pretend to be better moms, tolerant wives, gorgeous woman who is always smiling. No chance for making any mistakes because we don't have second chances.
Maybe I am dramatizing to some extent but believe me I am not such a type of woman who thinks that all the male personalities should leave this planet and find a different 100% male-dominated planet for living. I am the one who nurtures the right and healthy competition among two gender poles. Also, I do really appreciate men and I always receive amazing attitudes from them. I would be really grateful if a man holds the door for me or help me to carry my luggage. In such moments I feel myself a truly happy and fragile woman. The point is not to create a battle between two genders but to help each other to be better. Sometimes I wonder in us, women, there are so many contradicting built-in features. We can easily settle any kind of conflicting disputes with our intelligence and woman power but we can easily confuse the instructions with "Go right" and "Go wrong".

The participation of women in the business and technology world keeps changing - the traditional division of social roles is getting blurred and companies are increasingly perceiving the measurable value of diversity. However, women still hold managerial positions less often than men. You know why? It's not because of the fact that men are so aggressive or they don't allow us to become top managers. The main reason is in expressing our thoughts directly and setting the right priorities. Women are the best communicators ever, they have a high level of EQ and IQ. If you know what you want if you see the clear focus and if you are bold enough. Nobody will stop you but they will follow you. Almost a year ago I started running my "women + tech is Possible" project.

This Great Project needs all sorts of women heroes.
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